EnigmOn 2 solutions and walkthroughs for all levels of the game! Prepare yourself for the most challenging and fun puzzle game on the app store! From EBR Inaya, the masterminds behind the perplexing puzzle hit EnigmOn, comes EnigmOn 2, the second game in the increasingly popular EnigmOn franchise. EnigmOn 2 is available on Android and all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Oh, and did we mention that EnigmOn 2 is completely free to download? Stuck on an EnigmOn 2 level or puzzle? Look no further – we have all the EnigmOn 2 solutions and walkthroughs you need!

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EnigmOn 2 Level Solutions and Walkthroughs

Like its predecessor, EnigmOn 2 is packed with 33 levels of unique puzzles that vary in difficulty as you progress! If you played EnigmOn, then you will feel right at home when playing EnigmOn 2, which has a very similar level structure. A game that stands apart from most other puzzle games on the app store, EnigmOn 2 is a puzzle game where anything goes. Each level presents a new problem that you must solve. However, the levels are anything but ordinary, and no two puzzles are alike! This is a game where the player needs to think outside of the box to succeed. Rather than using your iPhone’s screen as the primary method of input, EnigmOn 2 will use any and all methods of input that your iOS device can offer. This means that a level could require you to do anything from shake, tap, swipe, talk, or blow into your iPhone to solve a problem! Unlike most puzzle games, EnigmOn 2 is a game that becomes more intriguing and unique with play, not mundane or familiar!

If you get stuck on a level in EnigmOn 2, there are a few tools to help you out. The game comes with an optional hints feature, and they are completely free to use! However, as the levels become more difficult, the hints become more vague – and there will be times where a hint could be of no use to you at all! If you get stuck on a level, don’t rely on those cryptic hints to get you ahead – all your EnigmOn 2 solutions and walkthroughs for all levels are right here.