EnigmOn level 1-4 solutions and walkthroughs for every challenging level of the game. From IBR Inaya comes EnigmOn, the most challenging and mysterious game on all of mobile. Don’t know how to use a key? Can’t blow up the balloon? Then you’re in luck friend, because here you will find all of your EnigmOn level 1-4 solutions and walkthroughs.

EnigmOn Level 1-4 Solutions

EnigmOn Level 1 Solutions  
enigmon walkthroughs

  • Solution: Turn or shake your phone.
  • Hint: How would you use a key?
  • Simply, hold your phone like a key and turn it to open a door.

EnigmOn Level 2 Walkthrough 

enigmon walkthrough

  • Solution: Turn your phone upside down.
  • Hint: How will you find a sleeping bat?
  • Bats sleep while hanging upside down.

EnigmOn Level 3 Solutions

enigmon walkthrough

  • Solution: Type the word “Balloon” into the word space and hit ok.
  • Hint: The answer to this level is in the dark screen. Just keep looking and tapping.
  • Tap your finger to the upper right hand screen several times to reveal a circle with your answer.

EnigmOn Level 4 Solutions

enigmon walkthrough

  • Solution: Type the word “Boom” into the space and hit ok.
  • Hint: The answer is in the ballon. Pop that balloon!
  • You need to pop the ballon by using the tack. Blow into the mic of your phone to make this happen