EnigmOn level 13-16 solutions and walkthroughs for every challenging level of the game. From IBR Inaya comes EnigmOn, the most challenging and mysterious game on all of mobile. Can’t get out of the maze? Don’t know a thing about Back to the Future? Then you’re in luck friend, because here you will find all of your EnigmOn level 13-16 solutions and walkthroughs.

EnigmOn Level 13-16 Solutions

EnigmOn Level 13 Solutions

enigmon walkthrough

  • Solution: Type in “777744499” into the space and hit ok.
  • Hint: Use the given number keypad to spell a word.
  • When you do the equation, you are always going to get the answers of six. Therefore, you should spell the number using the number to letter keys.

EnigmOn Level 14 Solutions

enigmon walkthrough

  • Solution: Type in the word “Elrond” int eh space and hit ok.
  • Hint: Use the code to identify each letter of the word.
  • For this level, use the code like this: First number is for first page. Second number is for paragraph. Third number is for word. Fourth number is for letter.

EnigmOn Level 15 Solutions

enigmon walkthrough

  • Solution: Type “iPhone” into the space and hit ok.
  • Hint: Find all the maze’s exits.
  • For every exit you find in the maze, you will find a letter. Use them to spell out the word.

EnigmOn Level 16 Solutions

enigmon walkthrough

  • Solution: Change the time on your phone to 10:04 pm and go back into the game.
  • Hint: Think of the movie “Back to the Future”.
  • In the movie, the lightning strikes the clock tower at 10:04 pm. Change the time so that the lightning strikes here.